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Jan 25, 2020

Carlos, Sam, and Matt give us their takes on the newly revealed Black Widow!  Are they prepared for the greatness of this hero?  Listen in to see!


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Card Reviews

The Preparation Mechanic

Jan 24, 2020

Time to stretch our brains and review the new cards from the Ms. Marvel hero pack!  The guys discuss their games with Ms. Marvel, as well as their thoughts on the hero in general.  Are her cards a big deal, or is she just a small fry?  Excelsior!


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Black Widow Reveal
Black Widow Article

Jan 15, 2020

We're back from the holidays to discuss the new Captain America pack!  The guys break down all the new cards, as well as what the community thought in our Facebook poll.  Will these cards be legends, or should some of them be put on ice?

Due to some technical difficulties, John's volume is a little low.  Sorry for the...