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Jan 25, 2022

Hello True believers! after a nice long holiday season Deck-Celsior returns with the missing Spectrum episode! After having to rerecord our thoughts do to an audio error we are happy to finally release our thoughts on this Avenger hero! What do we think of this hero compared to the rest? Listen to find out!

Nov 26, 2021

Hello True Believers! Join Sam and Matt as we discuss one of the newest heroes from the MTS box, Adam Warlock. What do we think of this new mystic? What do we think about the new cards? Something about gingerbread coffee? Who knows! Thank you as always for listening and until next time,...

Oct 30, 2021

Hello True Believers! On this episode of Deck-Celsior! join Sam and Matt as we discuss all things Nebula! We discuss her Hero kit, her Prebuilt deck and our thoughts on her in general! Do we like this hero? Listen to find out our thoughts, and Excelsior!

Oct 16, 2021

Hello True Believers! We can't believe its been over two years since the podcast started and to celebrate we have two very special guests, John and Carlos! Join us as we discuss what they have been up to since leaving the show, as well as some thoughts on Champions and whatever came to our minds! We discuss some other...

Oct 1, 2021

Helllo true believers! On this episode of Deck-Clesior, join Sam, Matt, and Special Guest Chad from Cardboard of the Rings as we discuss the Venom Hero Pack! We discuss the news, and all things Venom! We hope you enjoy our takes on this Run and Gun hero and as always, Excelsior!